prophetic dreams "i love those moments
when im making love to you
and i look at you
and im like god, shes so beautiful"

every instant of day after day this is what i sense, even surrounded by all indulgences of your lexis, gazing upon you or your portrait, or permanently regarding labyrinths therein contemplative of you
unhinged when my heart is beating so fast in my chest i can't talk
and i feel like i'm choking on every fucking word
because the last thing i want to see is your stupid face
babbling shit
like nothing is wrong
pass me a cigarette
pretend you're a pimp
that makes it all better
where were you when i was crying?
where were you when i was cutting?
where were you when i was smoking?
it was all in my head
i never wanted to leave you
i never wanted to lose you
but i know i never had you
it was all in my head
so i walk away
trying to erase what was
all in my head
because i'll be damned
if i ever forgive you again
last chances were made for people like you
. i love those small moments that went by unnoticed. now that i reminisce i regret not knowing. like the kisses you would blow me while you were hugging your boyfriend. or when i was with the homeboys and we were alwayz wanted by someone for something, so when one person ran we all ran without asking questions. our lives cant be expressed in a story....because our life is all those small moments. 020419
mahayana when you smile that huge-ass-grin
and your lips capture a definite contour
further artfully responsive of their presence
i can not avoid but to desire to reach out and finger their brush strokes
i can not help but to want 2 reach out
and trace their paths
i can not avoid but to desire 2 reach out and kiss-and-tell their loveliness

when you smile that huge-ass-grin
and your lips take an assured silhouette
more deviously attentive of their existence
wow . 050315
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