sab everyone who blathers, its only really one person, who sits on blather and posts poems and thoughts undr hundreds of different names.

this logical conclusion comes from the fact if you took all the names away, how many distinct voices would you be able to identify?

everyone has several disctint voices anyway.

so why not hundreds.

further to this, if blather is indeed only one person, then either
a) i am the only other person on here
b) fightclub like, i am the only person on here, and i jsut dont remember blathing under all the other names
or c) i dont actually exsist, im jsut pretend and someone's made me up and blathes under sab.

in which case, pats for you for comming up with such a complicated storyline for everyone on here, if youve done for everyone what youve done for me. but why did it have to get so tangled? couldnt you have jsut thought up a nice simple life and holidays abroad occasionally?

i dunno who you are
but ive figured you out.

i am a random echo in someone elses head, someone who spends their entire life filling up a random website.

andru235 i wondered about these things, too...is that evidence in this case? or is it encased evidence?

i guess that doesn't make much sense but it was fun to blathe. ah, fleeting joys...
andru235 hmmm...alt+286 looked like an up-arrow in the blather entry box... 050727
andru235 i have not figured blather out 050727
nim end if; 050806
epitome of incomprehensibility In a similar line of thought, when I was a little kid I used to have nightmares that I was the only real person on Earth and that I was put here as an experiment by alien scientists or something who lived in the only real world. This seems selfish and laughable now (and incidentally, somewhat like The Matrix) but it was scary at the time.
Anyway, I can guarantee I'm not oldephebe, since I don't know all of the words he uses... shame on me, purported to be the epitome of incomprehensibility nonetheless. Oh well.
z see: turing 050808
u24 elaborate_hoax 050809
meta meta 051213
who? strange symbols? 081025
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