kaskarkaminski One of the finest gems produced in all of literature....and to think, Joseph Conrad didn't begin learning english until he was twenty or twenty one. The book is impeccably crafted i love Joseph Conrad....he includes so much symbolism and archetypes in his works. He was a truly great craftsman. The short story "The Secret Sharer" is another favorite. He must have worked very very hard. 000805
misstree i remeber reading this... symbolism so thick our class put on scuba masks to dive for all the shiny bits at the bottom... but it hits instinctively... i know now why Kurtz went batshit, why cutting all your strings to society is the path to madness... "Apocalypse Now" did a much better job of capturing the heart of Heart Of Darkness (no pun intended) than the TV remake... the chaos just got moved from unexplored Africa to the Korean war... 000806
Kaskarkaminski I've always thought that movie was
modeled after the book...my brother was
killed in Nam,..it was hard to watch.
The Man Who Would Be King by Kinpling
has a very similar story line.
sweetheart of the song tra bong The horror...the horror!

Quite murky, yes, but worthwhile in the end, if only to be able to discuss it with a hint of a clue.

Boat rivets will never be the same.
pete last night i was lying in bed and realized that this was probably not the best subject line for that email i sent you. if you read it you know that i am looking for my story, i really miss that story and have been thinking about it an unreal amount recently, if you didn't read the email i wasn't saying that you have a heart of darkness but was referring to the novel by Joseph Conrad and a short story I wrote as a postscript to that novel in December2002 or January 2003... if you have it, meg, please email it to me... 040707
puredream No I don't. and I have another email address now... 040707
pete *nods*

thank you, though.

"...and he fell silent as the boat began to move away from the heart of darkness"
emmi ...the tranquil waterway leading to the uttermost ends of the earth flowed sombre under an overcast sky--seemed to lead into the heart of an immense darkness. 040707
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