silentbob i'm doing a presentation on schizophrenia for school and i read this guys website talking about his condition with it and his treatment. this was on the guestbook to his website. i don't know whether to laugh or cry:

is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream i think psy''christ'stress are the biggest cons on the planet i,ve been in therapy for twenty years and its still a game of whos bullshitting who they all are suffering delusions with a god complex thrown in i sometimes think a bath of ice water might be the best method of treatment after all we are only what we are told we are just mirrows refecting back that which we receive hell your story would fit half the people on this planet but i did note where you said it cost eleven dollars an hour to become an alcoholic no wonder i,m broke all the time maybe you,ll get lucky next life and come back as just a plain everyday asshole that seems to be the most popular life forn good luck man not because you,ve got problems but because you think you do if you and i were the only people left on earth which one would ge to label the other
pipedream cry, i think. 030319
DannyH Are these blathes being generated by programs automatically writing to anything that calls itself a guestbook? Damn that's almost as clever as it is annoying. 061013
Dallas Should be a little easier on the eyes now. 061024
u24 ahhhh, that's better. 061025
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