quissmo i want to fight with my friend, but i know im going to lose. but its not even the losing, as the fact that i cant get the right words to say what i mean, and that pisses me off more.
fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. why does that always happen to me? i know what i want to say, i just cant find the right words. fuck. fuck this all to hell.
quissmo and fuck real player to. its screwing up my already screwed up computer. and its hella annoying coz now i cant listen to my favourite radio show. 021201
quissmo and that video. all i need - by air. it has the perfect couple, talking about how much they fucking love each other. and they are so fucking perfect. and its actually real. and its hella annoying, because i dont think ill ever meet someone like that. 021201
the hogfather yeah, real player still wont work. ive misssed about a month of that radio show. dammit. 021215
the hogfather AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
im so frikin pissed off, and so bloody stressed, and i dont have time to be doing this!!!!!!!

dammit... *shoots herself*
fuck the world year 2006 and we have a million ways of getting in touch. but no, the phone is broken, the network is down, skype doesn't connect, ladida, and you're drunk and i fucking hate everything and everyone in this stupid and selfish world full of ignorant fucks 061117
pete at least there is someone to call, no? 061117
fuck the world someone drunk who probably just wants to fuck me anyway, who has no idea how much he has already hurt me, or doesn't care 061117
pete not the best to call. i'd be the heartbroken guy with a giant bottle of wine waiting to get drunk not alone who doesn't want to fuck you. but i also don't have a callable phone at the moment. 061117
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