zxcvbnm shit 020830
Aimee you know... this string was at first kinda witty... now it's just kinda annoying.... looks like it's just me and the go button today.... 020831
someone who says "shut up!" shut up! 020831
unhinged squeezing fragile life
out of your
shattered shoulder blades
i once sat in pews
lit candles
said prayers
only answered
when i feel you
it's like smiling backwards
so hard
the tears just slip by
i hear you
resonating in me
but still
i'm alone at night
sometimes it's just so easy
to let it sink right in
the lights are out
the windows are dim
the bell hangs silent
but i still grin
for you
behind my eyes
there is a reflection
of what i need
deep in you
but still
i'm alone at night
sometimes it would just be so easy
biting right in
tearing and kicking and screaming
right in
but my heart won't let me bleed
the sun makes me squint
never so holy
life makes a dent
hold me
just to sit silent in prayer
just to find answers that don't matter
living isn't breathing
i'm standing so still
squeezing the life out
that won't let me in
unhinged god do i miss you
your_voice in my headphones
a faded memory
of all the hugs passed
between us
that have not succeeded
fuck me
church is STILL going to you
after all these years
hoping that what we failed at
could some day
be fixed
that both of us
could some day
be fixed
absent from our role call
hoping that some day
we'll succeed
what's it to you?
who go