birdmad ... position

curl up tight, muscles cramping and bones contricting

imploding like a neutron star

pillbug, common woodlouse roling up tight into a ball,
scuttling, chitinous thing


nerves attenuated like guitar string ready to snap

tripwires and dreams

drink a little water and wait for sleep to come down, curse myself for resolving once and for all trying to have the resolve to quit smoking

ponder the blue LED glow of the old stereo and the wind rattling the sheetmetal next door, roof_rat rustling in my ceiling.

old house settle, roof creaking dogs barking cats fighting in alley behind the house

finish the bottle of water and drink another, finish the carton of juice, drink more water, have a beer, drink more water

thirsty, foot of my bed ittered with plastic bottles that did not land in the trashcan

curl up tight with the sound of my pulse sloshing through the fluid in my ears, primal memory of defenseless smallness swumming in a blood red night in a saltwater world

every morning i am born, the course of my day is the course of my life and in the twilight moments before sleep, i die.

and every day repeat the process

HellBentWolf By the glory of your magnificent God I have been saved (what a silly little religious page).

All of the boxes have disintegrated. The maze has fizzled away by the grace of the Holy Trinity.

By this it is said that no power is caged within itself and by choice it will or will not, however, the dragons are free to roam once again.

Oh Satan my love and avenger, toxic fire touch and kisses, finally those who have written the books will see the fruits of their glorious labor.

So it is written, so it will be.
what's it to you?
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