typhoid what, you think it's all already been thunk? that the thought_set is some dank stagnant pool we can dip our mind sieves into and pull out the same old crap over and over? hehe. i dont think so. thought evolves like everything else.. maybe faster (at least in some cases). 000629
grendel we are all variations on a theme 000629
typhoid it only seems this way because you're letting your words confine you. and define you.
spread out. dissolve the metaphor. it's possible, i hope it's not too late.
bownan I've said it before and i'll say it again... up here for thinkin down there for dancin..

thought before
not thought before
makes no difference to me
if you need to say it, say it
typhoid there we go. exactly. as usual i'm missing the fucking obvious. 000630
whirligirl hmmm. i don't think you need to be quite so hard on yourself. there's an art to criticism (self and otherwise), you know. although i would venture into the territory of saying that it takes time to learn about it. your thoughts above are not invalid, but we could be talking about any number of things when we talk about everything_thought or the theory_of_everything. 000630
grendel in excelsis deo i'm not saying this to discourage anyone

but in an infinitely random universe, regardles of technical capability, anything i can imagine, i would guess, has already been imagined at some other point in time, by any number of people who were here before me

the scope of human knowledge and experience, though ever expanding
still lags behind the scope of the imagination

anything worth thinking of has been thought of before and will be thought of again

as it was in the beginning
is now
and ever shall be

and it was good
Brad That's why i listen to good jazz. It's thought process in a medium known only to a select few people, and therefore the ideas presented, if presented by a good improviser, are new and fresh even if based upon tried and true concepts. 000630
bownan I wasn't implying your post was invalid Typhoid..I don't think you're missing the point, that was just how I saw it myself(no criticism intended)... variety is a good thing 000630
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