Shar Yea!

i love writing drunken e-mails to peopole. they make no sense and have tons of typos. Yay for non-caring and apatthy as I struggle to keep my head up wile typing fun e-mails to people who think I'm babbbbling on and on.

but then I read them in the morning and they're funny. Seriously. I see the humor in them late.r

Woozily yours,
Shar "drunk of a few drinks" Mac
falldownlaughoutlouddrunkgirl drunkeness is godliness. I honestly believe that. And to all of you people who say alcoholism is just a mask for other problems, escapism, etc... wow, you listened up in health class! I'm so proud. You're right, but you know what? If you can solve my problems for me, then you can yell and lecture at me.

Until that day comes, fuck off. k? k.
guitar_freak yeah, I can empathize. Except I use drugs instead of alcohol. But think about it a second. Why do you drink so much and I use drugs so much? Just to escape from life's problems and to relax and have fun. I don't believe that drugs and alcohol make any problems go away they just complicate them more. At first you use to get away sometimes, but then you begin to use to get away all the time. Problems may disappear as long as you are drunk or I am stoned, but when it goes away they come back two-fold. So do what you want, I sure am not going to tell anybody how to live their lives. BUT, beware at what you could become. A drunken street bum or in my case a crack whore. Use in moderation so it doesn't control every aspect of your life. Remember-withdrawl is a bitch 010107
The Spork yes,
yes, by all means avoid withdrawal...

... remain intoxicated
what's it to you?
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