misstree just got back from coffee with a person that i've known for a while, that recently started posting hereabouts, and we each agreed to print out our 5 favorites of the blathes of today and yesterday, plus one of our own, then shared and traded.

i may post a set list later (he has all the printouts), but it was quite enjoyable, and i have to send a big thanks to 'skites everywhere, for making that sort of thing possible. sharing words is a wonderful, wonderful thing.
misstree we actually didn't just do today and yesterday, i dug a bit, because i wanted to. :P
i brought
the_river, i_saw_you, the_ghosts_of_birds, blatherskites, when_hope_is_lost, the_poet_cannot_hide, and why_i_like_blather
misstree this week, he brought
patriotic, intelligence, list_of_things_to_do_before_i_die, dr_suess'_bible, and for his own selection, in_class.

i brought my_december, pagan, blow_job, dingo, half_full_or_half_empty, and demon_lover was my own. i think there might have been one more, but i don't remember it.
misstree postponed this week, i think, due to hangover, sleeplessness, and an unsettling amount of ennui. 030924
misstree and anger. don't forget the anger.
and a side of bitter with gravy, no butter.
misstree this week, i brought:

i don't remember his, but i'll try to get the info up here. a very very enjoyable discourse, there was some mention made of the possibility of either scanning in a couple of the pages of printouts (we make notes as we read, then refer back to those to give opinoins/observations/whatnot) or recording some stuff, then editing it down to a managable size... plans and conjecture, always with the plans and conjecture...
Bespeckled When you each bring your favorite blathes, are you looking at the page as a whole, or at particular entries?

If you're looking at particular entries, that might be nice to add on here to your list; so we know which ones you're referring to :)
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