Thyartshallshant Friends, hear me as if i were real.

Don't hide, and remove that vail.
Let your words run from one to another.
Free as they were always ment.

Don't run, we're all as nice as razors.
Worry not though, we only cut ourselves.
For the sake of the party.

Don't cry now, your not alone with us.
For we are here always, trapped by words.
Never leaving you alone.

Don't leave now, your not done.
To blather is to only grow brighter today.
Why cant i ever be like you?

Don't stay any longer, your mouth is dry.
You've been here for much too long.
Say farewell to you and me.

daxle no 010105
Thyartshallshant Exactly. 010105
j_blue i think i am tired of everyone saying how smart everyone is

i want to hear how dumb people are again
Quintessensual Okay, j_b. I apologize for saying your view of fratboys was accurate, just as you were writing this wish to hear again how dumb people are. LOL. 010106
Thyartshallshant Well, j_blue, im here for ya. Anytime you want an idiot to make fun of and laugh at, im your man. 010106
oren Like_an inadvertently trawled tuna, I keep getting caught in it. Well, okay ... that isn't a very_good analogy since I_don't mind getting caught in it and tunas probably just HATE when that happens. And, I more or less swim straight for the_net when I_see it coming, so that analogy doesn't work at all. I_must think on this further... 060304
met...met...meh... eta... I can't do this anymore. 060304
plain clothes blatherskite You are here 060804
thieums I can't believe I am here again
9 years long gone...
what's it to you?
who go