Tess The Bee

Who is it?
Who'll get the sting
Who'll get the stripes
Black and yellow
A dangerous creature
Chattering wings
Flashing antennae
Who is it?
It buzzes fine
The bee
Buzzes fine, stings deep

I play a frightened little game
I eject myself at scary speed
In front of cars and i go yeaah!

She is it
She's got the sting
She's dangerous
She stings
He gets stung
He is out
She gets the honey
She is it
She flies great
The bee
Flies great, stings deep

The cars freeze from fright,
When they see my beautiful body and tongue
Then I speed away but no one catches me.
I'm the fastest bee in town.

Oh, hot bee
Queen of heaven
With glossy trunk
Buzz to me
I want to be stung
I want to be out
Here is the honey
You're it
It stings deep
The bee
Stings deep, kills fast

by the Sugarcubes, on Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
Q If Bees Are Few

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.

(Emily Dickinson)
bee absolutely fabulous! 000108
Brad when a bee lies sleepin' in the palm of your hand
you're bewitched and deep in love's long looked after land.
lokkust Bee Vamp 000622
i got stung. ouch. 000805
*nicole* bees sting. 000809
medea my sister is bee. she flies from flower to flower encouraging flower reproduction. making honey. making wax. surrounded by a colony and carving out their own space. 000810
cordwainer bird eric dolphy at the five spot 010728
you Fact:
The reproductive organ of the male bee breaks off inside the queen bee after mating.
Pythagorus bees or wasps rather, use a crystalline sensor to navigate. It must vibrate at the same frequency as their hive. Bees are the most fascinating of all insects. 010801
paste! The bee flied around the gas-eating car.
In a cloud of smoke, the car left the parking lot
only to return two hours later.

Two hours later, the bee was dead.
They just have short life spans.
Mushroomman The one thing i am alergic to..

i avoid all possible contact with them... i kill them on site
then i burn them...
squigglybee bee is my nickname. i have a big collection of bee stuff. real bees i do not like. they cna hurt lots. 020706
amy .

smirkily, ferchrissake!
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