Soma I just moved into my apartment.
I was really psyched.
Turns our my mattress had bedbugs.
So instead of investing my weekend into reading my literature homework and drawing my 10 pieces for Graphic Design and Illustration, I have spent all day next to a washer and dryer, running everything through the hot wash and hoping nothing shrinks. I've spent two hours sitting outside getting mosquito bites, waiting for the bug bomb to dissapate. I've spent another hour cleaning the fog off of everything afterwards.
I've got bites over ever area of my body and they just wont fucking heal. Better yet, I've developed some kind of skin disorder around each of them. Fucking skin.
It's only the first week of school. I'm overloaded with homework, and now I'm the fucking Plague, anxious, overwhelmed, and too fucking tired.
Why does this shit happen to me?
n o m e e ugh. i found one on my pillow. f is too depressed with other stuff to deal with it at all, wouldn't look when i told him i found blood stains on my side of the bed, (which makes sense because i move/get up more often). said we should ignore it and it'll go away, mind over matter. says i'm insane for bagging everything to be washed. i can't even talk about it with him. too much upset-and-cold-ness. at least my landlord is going to help, not the first suite in our building, next door neighbour just recently. and so many other places in this city. it's hard to go to bed. i've felt overwhelmed and i am complaining about it. 110411
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