dB How much I despise everything about this society. How living by the reigns of fiscal policy is a joke. How linear existance is so futile. How much I hate the fact that all you do is take and never, EVER, give. 010401
florescent light I can't get out.
How do I get out?
I cry and scream and hold my breath. But no one listens, no one knows. No one hears.
How do I get out?
I ask this with the most desperate despair imaginable.

I live that straight line you speak so despisingly about.
I know that I will get a job, I know that 92% of the people I encounter will screw me over.

It is the great paradox of life- how I have freedom, yet am bound by the confines of society. I have freedom, only to do the options they chose for me.

And who is happy?
Most people aren't happy.
No one wants to work there life away.
But government likes it that way, cause if we are working, if we are in school, we are not causing trouble.

Now, my goals are to do well in school.
But what happens when I graduate?
Then my goals will center around making money.
I don't want my life to revolve around money.

I'd like to find a society that isn't as materialistic as America, and live there.

But I have come to appreciate the ability to plant seeds.
You and me and him and her and the guy over there and that girl sitting behind you, can all plant seeds in other people's heads. And they, in turn, will plant the seeds in the heads of others.
So one can make a difference by changing people's thoughts, it's small, I know, but it may be all we can really do.
monadh the universe is our dream garden 010403
confused Don't marry him. Fuck me. 010404
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