.fallen tends to spawn interesting reactions.

at times it is cute
at times it is even charming
sometimes it can be quite endearing, really...

but then.....oh then...the reaction it can sometimes provoke is the intense desire to cause harm.....

the repetition of a "poor me"..... will usually make certain people want to kick puppies
Nukemall In total agreement.

misstree beauty_in_repetition
usually doesn't happen
unless there's beauty there in the first place.
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j sometimes repitition is neccessary. 040913
three words the_songbird unnecessary_repetition concerts 050321
oldephebe "intense desire to do bodily harm?"

I mean fundamentally we're all immersed in our own introspection, yeah and ninny nana boo boo the the beautiful flaed and tragic narcissus in all of us needs that self confirming empathic response from others, sometimes just to keep you from slipping or melting or evaporating into vapor. So I say scyth the field, scyth the field and yeah I know the whole bleeding map of misery thing, the whole sounding the same sonorous note very single moment sure not exactly gonna win "Enthraller of the Year" award but still...okay so some of us, so sadly shaped by the age, by the atavistic echoes of our antecedants are emotionally incontinent, I mean you'd have to fell several forests to contain all the agonizingly pathos ridden pages of "My Manuscript of Melancholy" and sure maybe try putting more than one string on the violin, try learning the other notes, try putting some rosin on the bow
try contemplating another way of "Being" besides rutting and rotating shamelessly in the mire of self-pity, and disconsolate (I mean deep busom of disconsolation here the kind that swallows you)..until you take your last interstitial quaking and spavined breath. Try not contemplating the big black hole in the sky, try being bathed in the glory of summer for a change. Yeah. But feeling compelled to attach a slightly modified ice pick to a cross bow and send it screaming into the solipsists or beautiful but trgically flawed or damaged narcissists eye is another thing all together.
flaed = flawed 050321
ionesco mull it over and overoverover
weigh the pros_and_cons
Sleep_on_it night after night
are_you_sure of your decision?
what's it to you?
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