guitar_freak They suck. Yeah hardcore.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
No, I am not done smoking my weed. No, you can't drug test me. No, I won't go to a hospital. No, I don't give a fuck. No, I'm not suicidal anymore. Go to hell. Leave me alone. No, I won't take another worthless medication. No, I won't take another test. No, I don't choose to see you. You don't help, you make it worse. I will not go to a treatment center. I will not go to meeting for people like me. I will not listen to you. I don't care what you think. Just fuck off!! Leave me alone. I don't care if I wind up dead on some random street corner drugged, raped, and butchered with a knife. I don't give a flying fuck what you think you can do to me. Go to hell.
Joy Well, first of all isn't that word spelled wrong? But in getting to the point of blathering on about them. I would say yeah some are annoying sons of bitches, but then there are the ones who care. Then there are the humans behind the white coats who would gladly shed the coats and dance wild foot-tapping dances on them just to prove that they love you. They cry with you, call your father an asshole with you, challenge you and yes take your money from you. But for how little people truly listen to one another I say take all the money you want for listening - truly listening and caring. The only question I have is to those therapists, those psychiatrists, those perusers of men's minds whose only focus is on how long til the end of the hour and on the 120 dollars an hour fee. My question is, "How do you sleep at night?" You grabbed at the money and lost my brother's suicidal mumblings in your arrogant inner chitter-chatter. Who are you? Monster. Client beware of these and sail on to better shores and better couches. 010820
(not the real)
blather spell check

which, if you split it up, says

the rapists
thera-pissed i've been
it didn't help
now i'm
what's it to you?
who go