pobodys nerfect Since no one else has claimed this word,
I'm taking it. Don't worry,I promise to take good care of it. I'm gonna add it to my collection. ;)
misstree we can name him Bob
or we can name him Beowulf...

dangit pobody, you chased one song out of my head but replaced it with something far worse...
pobodys nerfect hehe. It's always fun to make someone say dangit. :D 030925
sans nom they cried
their tears of melting white
as top became bottom
in a crashing slushy mess
was it passing Crow
or hungry Coyote
told them their eyes
were merely coal
carrot noses a rodent's
christmas feast

they were only snow
they had hearts of ice
they could never see spring
they would never smell flowers
if they could would they have wondered
who had left them in this field of birth
ROFL I want the word back. Copyright infringement and all. Wait till my lawyers get through with you. 031007
pobodys nerfect (see pictures_of_blatherskites_now for question)
hehe. No,I don't name them. But some of them already come pre named,like Coal,
the small one who's just off to the right of that pink octopus. The whole collection isn't stuffed. It's cookie jars,ornaments,teapots,slippers, pj's, dinner plates,etc. There's even 4 snowman pillows behind the snowmen in that pick.
Alot of them were gifts over the years(I started in '96 or '97),and except for a few things,most are under $25, but I have a rule that ALL of them be under $50. I've never gone over $35. I'm pretty good at finding nice ones on sale. =D

I'll probably post more pics after November 11. =)
minnesota_chris that's good. I haven't looked at pictures of snowman dolls for such a long time.

:) ahh my tongue is sharp today.
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