yummychuckle is the best character ever. And anyone else that has a fondness towards him is awesome.
and I've been meaning to say something to the blatherer "silent bob" for some time now.
but i don't know what to say...
yummychuckle Like a bat out of hell! 010602
cali j What can I say...I like you ..I really do 010607
florescent light sounds like you've been down

we care


feel better soon
and if you want to talk
I'm not hard to find
Persona if you would be so kind, I'd like to see a picture of you.... 010712
silentbobfuckyou Your praise is appreciated.

im just kind of pissed off right now, is the thing. fucked up shit going on in my life and head and heart and stomach.

know that i love all of you.

here is a link to a picture of me from like last year. my hair is longer now and darker at the bottom.

email me for other picture requests so i can get better ones that look more like me. i like this one, though.
black-dyed gel pro yep, that settles it, I could totally take you in a fight. VIVA LA VIOLENCIA! 010712
black-dyed gel product the testosterone seeping into my brain made me not finish typing my name! Arg, must crush, must break keyboard!!!! 010712
Kiana* You are one of my reaons for looking up this site day after day. Just to see what you've put. You're fucking awsome. 020403
silentbob love 020403
iheartyou iheartyou says in a whisper to silentbob:


however, be discreet and do not attract attention
Carne de Metal you don't seem so silent to me, bob.
Snoochie boochies!!
once again I used to have a crush on him. The character not the blatherskite. However I have since transfered this crush to Kevin_Smith. Tell me it's not wierd. 030811
silentbob it's not. My fondness for kevin smith overpowers any appreciation i have for his characters, yet it automatically makes me love everything he does.
i don't care if his new movie is going to have jennifer lopez.
what's it to you?
who go