djdown and laughing and smiling and leering and giggling and thinking and feeling and everything 980916
Pacia is the perfect way to fathom other minds. 981107
she shines. 000106
kt laughing pearly dew drops...why can't i shine?
I want to learn how
dean-bean REDRUM!!! REDRUM!!! 000330
MollyGoLightly When i get out of the shower 000330
doggy The evening was shot.
She said 'take me home, back to
shining time station.'
girl its a weakness of mine i just love shining objects
gem stones that sparkle
high gloss finish on anything
flecks of mica shining in the road
a discarded paperclip in the sidewalk that hasnt yet dulled
if i can i take them home and put them in my treasure box
zero i asked her about shine and she told me one thing. maybe she was trying to tell me something. i get confused. i wanted to hear. was i not listening. was she not talking. or did i just misunderstand? 010818
little fury bug Faith pours from your walls, drowning your calls
I've tried to hear, you're not near
Remembering when I saw your face
Shining my way, pure timing
Now I've fallen in deep, slow silent sleep
it's killing me, I'm dying

To put a bit of sunshine in your life

Soliel all over you, warm sun pours over me
Soliel all over you
Warm sun

Now this slick fallen rift came like a gift
your body moves ever nearer
And you will dry this tear
Now that we're here, and greave for me, not history
But now I'm dry of thoughts, wait for the rain
Then it's replaced, sun setting

And suddenly we're in love with everything

Soliel all over you, warm sun pours over me
Soliel all over you
Warm sun

-Badly Drawn Boy
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. Now, where did I leave that axe. 061108
Tropylium The intensity of my reflection is undulating!! 070427
thy every_shining_time_you_arrive 110826
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