no one of any significance the only truth i know is the biting sensation when the air hits the wound

pinprick sensations

new flowers in the scar_garden , the red_liquid_blossom arrives in time for spring

perhaps enough for me to paint a picture or a word

bright scarlet understanding such a dream
little wishes i'm not allowed to anymore.

he said he would leave if i ever did again.

i'm suposed to be better, he said.

but somedays, it's like an addiction, and i crave it once more.
reitoei _|_|_
| |
nothing like a game of tic tac toe on the back of your hand.
crimson beauty and life. life and a mechanically produced honed peice of steel.
a red rose in a garden of white serinity. pain agony freedom exhiliration. addictive.
Mystic No, not for you my sweet love.
You're much too pretty.
Low man on the totem pole.
bird no longer thrills me
no longer quickens me

doesn't feel like a goddamn thing, so i don't even bother with it.

one more meaningless sensation
x *nods* 040207
no-one It's almost valentines day. Hearts, flowers, candy boxes.. all red.
Blood is red too.
Coincidence? I think not.

Cut me, kill me. Don't pretend to love me. I know it's a lie. I'll hate you more than before. Blood drips slowly, pain floods my body. Razor slices through my skin and I smile up at you.

Happy Fucking Valentines Day, all.
mEkOy i 2 was banded from it but it seems always to gte back in. 040208
Lemon_Soda A gift from momma at the most needed moment. 040209
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