coolsoundingme I.
count my eggs before they hatch.
put my pants on both legs at once.
am not the exception to the rule.
am not the exception that makes the rule.

do not have 20/20 hindsight.
do not make lemonade.
am ignorant with no bliss.
am not the life of the party.

dwell in the past.
make the worst of things.
measure once and never cut.
use every clichť in the book.

do not help people help themselves.
am not the change I wish to see.
am not corrupted by absolute power
am quieter in actions than in words.

am more contradicted and confused than the bible.
am imperfectly happy.
am blown neither in nor out of proportion.
neither shit nor get off the pot.

do not call a spade a spade (or anything else for that matter).
look gift horses in the mouth.
have a dull pen and a sharp sword
do not grow fonder with absence.

will not live to fight another day.
have thin blood. thinner than water.
am neither damned if I do nor damned if I donít
am neither certain of death nor taxes.

do not take an eye for an eye, but both at once.
do not do as the Romans.
do not keep an ace in any hole
am neither fair in love nor war.

count everything that glitters as gold
am through another and have yet to see that dollar.
behold no beauty
am neither safe nor sorry.

will forever curse the darkness and never light a candle
do as I say and wonít tell you anything different.
meet up with good and quickly at the bar every night.
repeat history, then forget about it.

began life at birth. Not forty.
beat dead horses (at least in a race).
mind everyoneís business
hate company when Iím miserable.

Money canít buy me love,
but it can buy everything I need to get it.

I am imperfectly happy.
what's it to you?
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