psyki here's my love, step inside
let me warm you up
by the fire in my heart
step inside, close the door
on the wind of fear
brewing up behind you

you could stay here
make your home here
hide away here
i could wrap you up in cottonwool
Spete I sometimes speak to the noises
that come out of our elevator.
There might be a pattern to them.
Or I might have a wish complex,
run out of falling stars
and other traditional give-me-a-signs.
m (the way things are inclined to happen)
patterned in speech, gesture
imprinted upon your thoughts
conceiving fate
WoNDERGIRL I'm probably subconciously trying to push you away, baby, but please love my anyway.. 000525
MollyGoLightly I probably ought to live in Oklahoma again before I start my real life. 000525
Brad the built-in escape clause word. 000525
bloodjetpoetry who the FUCK are you to say? 011119
not god i am the arm 011216
ellen cherry charles I could probably do my paper now
or perhaps do a little dance instead.
sphinxradio you probably saw her last night?
what makes it a probably and not a will or a won't?
i probably won't make it to the wedding.
perpetual puppet its not that i didn't hear you its just that i wasn't listening, works both ways 020831
lo probably don't even think of me at all you bastard 030606
a sweet girl hate.

i think.

it's flattering in a way.

makes me smile.

makes me feel perfect.
whitechocolatewalrus every day i see you
probably probably
i don't know
why'd you wake up this morning?
engulfing dreams, wonderous dreams
is that a bear suit you are wearing?
don't eat me, i am hungry
probably you lied
grow wings and swim away
come along here and sing
sing song
the_eyes_of_heaven are watching you
i have no_control
this is the otherside.
nom to do with my neck and shoulder problem
since it's on the same side

or its an infection
or an allergic reaction?
hsg probably's more fun than certainly 061128
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
what's it to you?
who go