unhinged when she put it back into her hands for me did she wonder what i did with it for so long? did she notice that there was the beginning of a splinter cracking off the bottom of the box because i was a little rough with it? did she wonder where i had taken it, where i had smoked out of it, who had touched it when it wasn't with her? i kept it in the pockets of my pea coat. i would walk down the street and stick my hands in my pockets and suddenly feel my hand wrapped around it and i felt relieved. i could make everything better with the small collapsed object in my pocket that hid it's identity very well. people always asked me about it. it was a nice little conversation piece. did she even care that she was getting it back from me through another person? i pulled it out in a fastfood restaurant once because i was looking for money in my pockets and didn't even think about it. it was well hidden even in plain sight. i'm going to miss everything that it stood for. i remember that day at the quarry. 020416
Daria He was merly in my path of veiw to the door. I wasn't really looking at him I swear.
but, It is obvious and i quit trying to hide it.
I blatantly stare.
unhinged i climbed on the bus and the bus driver took one look and said

'it'll be alright you know'
In_Bloom Here and There and There
I see you!
Hurriedly I scramble to find whatever crumbs you may have lain for me
Maybe I can catch up with you
Cross your path and bend Time just long enough that you grasp my return gifts
On your way back
what's it to you?
who go