d-O_O-ver Temperature is now -2 degrees Celsius
(28.4 fahrenheit).. It's not so cold anymore.

My home...
. . 020302
little wonder my aunt moved there when she was 17.
she's in her 50s now, with no intentions to leave.
girl_jane Isn't there a train station called Hell? 020302
slartibartfast I here the fjords are nice... 020303
d-O_O-ver Yes there is a place in Norway(with a train station) called Hell.
So you can actually take the train
to Hell...hmmm....
That would be something to show.....
train ticket to Hell.....

I've never been there... yet.
d-O_O-ver The ironi is that the word "hell"
translated from norwegian to english
is "luck" and "success".
rattus norvegicus I am rattus norvegicus

i wanted to be a talk_show_host , not a rat

...and everywhere i go everyone i meet is either trying to dissect, bisect, bind and blind me, feed me drugs and posion, make me run on treadmills, maim and tame me...are you people NUTS?

And try having a tail the length of your body to drag around all day, not my idea of fun by a longshot i can tell you.

and what am i gonna say to some fine looking girl walking down the street who i wanna talk to:

"i can run on telephone wires"
"i can chew through lead pipes and cinder blocks."
"i can tread water for over 36 hours"???

And have you seen the neighborhoods i'm forced to live in? THOSE PEOPLE LIVE LIKE PIGS!!

can't catch the subway, they haven't built it yet
can't catch the uptown bus - can't reach the step up

Have you ever seen a rat cry?
yeah, i've got tears.
and if you could just see past the fur
you'd realize

that i'm

a lot...



(H. Rollins, Black_flag "family man" LP)
blue star A Doll's House

Henrik Ibsen
sweetheart of the song tra bong Will be there in July, tracing back the family tree.

(All our roots in icebergs, waterfalls, lupine and fjords)
minnesota_chris my relatives live in a fjord town too. They were well known boat makers traditionally. They make furniture now, which uses the same skills I guess. Either that or they were just telling me fibs! 030103
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