Quake Could any mountaintop be seen from Culver City 25 years ago today?

I know there were none in the City to be seen then, and I doubt the hill on Overland has been pushed by moving plates into a mountain yet.
amy you lived in Culver City? (maybe i knew that already.) me too, briefly. on the backside. there were some hills by us... Baldwin Hills, maybe? it was a park of sorts, a pretty gross park according to me. there was a grove of trees from all over the world planted during the Olympics (the ones in LA a long time ago, not 1984). off La Cienaga, i think... but maybe that virtual book planted that in my head, cause it just mentioned La Cienaga. also says that the air is funny at LAX. and it is.

Claremont is smoggier than Culver City, in my experience.
Quake You gotta' be kidding me! You absolutely must be playing a wicked mindgame of hardball with my mashed potato brain! No frigging way!

I do believe I have finally reached the mountaintop!

I bet you bought gas at the very same Mobil Station I did. Bought raw goat's milk at the very same Trader Joe's! Lived in the very same apartment! Slept in the very same bed!

I'll e-mail ya' 'bout this 'cause it's gettin' kinda' personal.

(No, kiddies. Not the same bed at the same time. :( Same bed because it was a furnished place and I doubt the landlord has changed it since I moved away from CC somewhat before amy moved in.)

No wonder our paths eventually crossed on blather. They were first crossed in the big CC! Whoa! Fate sealed.
guitar_freak the best experience of my life was when i reached the top of a 14,000 foot mountain.
the indescribable beauty
i am in love with the mountain top
sabbie and the only thing
that is eternal
is the god and the angel
embrasing on the rock
as the snow falls gently down...
Lutheran_raised ClairE Shout it from the mountaintop!
I want the world to know!
The Lord of Love
has come to me (?)
I want to pass it on!
Misshapen Adonis I sat upon a mountaintop
Upon a mointaintop I sat
The I thought:
"What if the hill thinks its sitting on me?"
I was dying on that mountain
what's it to you?
who go