baby satan yes, you! you fucking fuckhead fucker!
i'd put you over my knee,
but they took out the goddamn staples.
malignant stagnation of GRAPES!!!
and you know what i want?
you really wanna know? huh?
i'm not gonna tell you!

also, consider this:
in dog years, a pint of vomit is equal to something like seven litres of rabbit piss. i think that explains quite a lot.
paste! also in dog years, the jet-powered sasquatch in your garage really despises you! he's probably going to kill you soon. 010808
kingsuperspecial autocanemesterotics: not just for the holidays anymore!

:: inserts candy cane, twists ::

santy claws finally! some instructions i can follow! 010902
Casey It gets all sticky, and gets stuck. 010902
distorted tendencies When it gets sticky, do you lick it? 010902
nemo candy canes are kind of skinny 010903
silentbob licking nipples, licking nuts, sticking candy canes up eachothers butts
i wanna homo christmas this year

pansy division
mt sounds tingly 040227
mythomane This was in the Clerks comic book, actually. He woke the girlfriend from her coma in the mental hospital by molesting her with a jumbo candy cane. 040227
TK w/ extra candycanes Casey- does it really do that? (I can't believe I'm actully curious about this)

Nemo - actully to my suprize around x-miss I found some quite large ones and bought quite a few foolishly, I say foolishly bc of my diet (Got some good news to go w/ that) and so have yet to do anything w/ em, and then I saw this and rembered how I'd bought some mint foot cream or some such and how tingly good it felt on my feet so then I ended up useing it all over (it's definately good on thoes bad days you need a pick-me-up) and so rembering how awsome the mint cream felt I'm suddinly compelled to wonder about the whole candycane thing -- humm that got a lil off topic, my minds been so runny lately, wonder why that is, everything tends to relate to everything elce in some way or another
what's it to you?
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