jane i am blathing from my cell phone. ah modern technology that made it possible 060323
me it's a modern distraction
in the name of communication
and pink sequins plastered
on black-eyed-peas ringtone-ed
flippy things
ridiculous even technology is starting to become absurd 060323
grendel psp 060324
the meta bird blather_on_the_fly 060324
u24 i wish i had a cellphone that allowed this.
actually, i'd rather a pda with firefox.
wonders how much that'd cost.
nom 060326
poet i wonder if you could set up some sort of script thingie or program to make it so you can text message a cell phone or an aim accout or something, and itd post automatically. *nudge nudge, user24* 060327
jane something like
send to: blather
word=green;says=nature's first green is gold...;you=jane

my clockwork's a'whirrin
poet yeah thatd be cool but the only problem would be that youd have to have a cell phone acting as a transmitter between the 2 because im pretty sure you cant send messages directly to a computer. the only way i can think of is you have aim or something on your cell phone. and thats just a pain in the ass. but itd be cool, no? 060328
u24 you can have a computer set up to receive text messages, but I'm unsure how, plus you'd need a dedicated phone line for it.
search for asterisk, maybe there's something out there. this would be great. i may even get a cellphone myself.
meta meta 060427
poet i was looking at software and i dont think that there would be any way to realistically make it so you can post, but there might be a way to perhaps make it so you can text message a topic and return some text. or something. i dunno, ill mention it if i turn anything up. 060427
p2 1) setup an email account
2) write a program to:
2a) pop the account
2b) parse the email
2c) post it to blather
using a pseudo-form

send txtmsg to email account
(posting times depend on pop frequency)
jane here i go again... 070821
REAListic optimIST the only problem with that setup is the captcha would deny your post. i should also mention the cross reference:
unhinged can we get a blather app?

(I'm obsessed with this fucking phone)
() (see: ipad) 101227
unhinged on the bus 110108
falling_alone B l a t h e r on my i_phone. beautiful. 110131
h|s|g i like the zoom, but pHuck_iPhone 110201
h|s|g blather_app

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