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McCoys crisps are the only brand of crisps that I buy now because the other brands on the market donít have anywhere near the amount of crisps in the bag compared to McCoys and they are not of the same quality.

McCoys is the definitive ridge cut crisp, a unique texture with real food flavours offering a satisfying snack.

I bet that you didnít know that McCoys was launched in 1985 and has been the fastest growing brand in the food market.

The year of 2001 saw the launch of the spice range of McCoys Ė a range of spicy big hitting flavours. The McCoys range is available in 50g handy packs, 175g sharing packs and multipacks. Making them ideal for all occasions.

The 50g handy packs cost 41p, the 175g handy packs are £1.49 and the multipacks come in packs of six and cost £1.39.

The 50g handy packs are available in the following flavours: -
Rock salt, flamed grill stake, salt & vinegar, cheddar & onion, firecracker chicken, spiced chilly, and balti curry flavours.

The 175g sharing packs are available in the following flavours: -
Flame grilled steak and firecracker chicken.

And finally the McCoys variety is available in:-

Variety six pack 2 of each flavours of rock salt salt and malt vinegar and cheddar and onion.
Flame grilled steak six-pack Ė you guessed it six packs of flame grilled steak

Spice variety pack containing 2 of firecracker chicken, spiced chilli and balti curry flavours.

The main ingredients for the McCoys crisps are
Potatoes, vegetable oil, lactose, flavourings, flavour enhancers. And each different flavour has different content of flavourings.

I have tried all of the flavours in the McCoys range of crisps and I find that they are the perfect snack for all occasions.
And they are reassuringly expensive.
The flavours are very close to what you would get if you were eating the real thing for example take the cheddar & onion flavours they really taste like cheese and onion.

At McCoy they cook them just right so that they are not too soft or too hard to bite but still they have a loud crunch when you eat them. I would choose them over any other crisp on the market today.

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