yummychuckle Heaven.

of course, any other place with all my loved ones and my Dads house and all my stuff and everything else i love about Maryland, would also be heaven.
yoink what a beautiful, beautiful place. i can't wait

until i leave.
Sol mmmmmmmm, chocolate biscuits,
I really need food

*scurries off to the pantry*
DavesHeroinGirl I know a boy that loves a girl in this state. She's pretty happy about it too. 030129
SuicidalAngel What can anyone tell me about this state? I think I'll be moving there soon. :) 030407
Sundari Raine I live here. (There?) I can talk about the weather, random blatherings...

In the summer, it peaks around 90 degrees fahrenheit, but it's humid. Mornings and evenings are quite pleasant, however. Right now (7:00 pm) we don't have the AC on, but you definitely want a fan aimed at you if you don't want to sweat your skin off.

In the winter, it gets below freezing most days, but there isn't usually a lot of snow accumulation because it melts after a week or two of sunny noons. Each year, there'll be maybe one 8" storm, 4 or 5 more minor snows, and regular flurries and sleet that get the schoolkids hopeful. (Not unwisely, I might add- MCPS once closed the schools on a day when we never saw a flake of snow.)

Drivers here near the city are paranoid when it comes to snow, too. They don't see it often enough to be able to drive well in it, so they act like idiots instead.

If you live anywhere near DC, you'll be stuck in traffic a lot. We have like the 2nd or 3rd worst traffic in the nation, and it's not that big of a city.

If you do end up moving, welcome.
in_retrospect gorgeous bear trap 071024
oren I_had some great fresh seafood there. 081021
In_Bloom Where the most vibrant Rainbow is 081022
tourist Driving and Diving
Over the Bridge Tunnel
From Norfolk to the Eastern Shore
Feeling The Salt Spray off the Waves
Watching Freighters come and Go
The Farms and Near Deserted Towns On The Penninsula
All Makes Me Want to Move There
But I Won't
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