paste! here, live, as the unstoppable checkerboard prances through town on its table. havoc is rampant in this quiet town. i grew up here when i was small and now i'm 85 and still i play the moldy cowbell like nobody intended. it comes.

"hi mr. checkerboard. can you leave this quiet town and soon?"

"why yessir. i didn't mean to infringe. top of the morning to ya."

and like that, it's gone...
PrincessParanoia shut the fuck up!
hey, that's not nice!
ok, PLEASE shut the fuck up.

everything is nicer if you say please
phil people are awfully f.o.s. these days
I mean these days
since I didn't talk to a lot of people for the past 20 years
but OK, I must be new at this
or at least I don't "get" the hidden meanings people are trying to give me
in phrases like:
"can I call you back in half an hour"
"I'll call you at six thirty"
"I want you to come over to my house next week"

don't seem to mean what I think.
Even after explaining myself as the type of person who feels socially abused/neglected, in fact, going through a rough period of heartbreak. I am still treated like a vagrant with my ridiculuous questions of this sort:
"do you play soccer?"

Is this 'cause everyone is stoned out of their mind talking in chat rooms or watching TV. Is that all that occurs anymore?

Talk about money next week.
phil ridiculous (forgive me) 041205
devilbunny Man, it's a shame that person punching you in the head did nothing for your manners. 061110
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