Raina quelled the tones of somber sighs
I wish you wouldn't cry so much
I wish I could understand
Wish you could do more to let me in.
I know I'll understand you in time.
girl_jane It's not nearly as fun when you have to be quiet. 020317
devalis keep it down now, voices carry. 020820
unhinged sotto_voce 020820
curious toys the words are hushed
lets not get busted
just lay entwined here
girl_jane_continued safe from the earth
from all the stupid questions
hey did you get some
man that is so dumb

stay quiet
stay near
stay close they can't hear
so we can get some...
lyrical reference system hush hush hush
paula cole
this fire

long white arms
losing their strength and form
sixty year man on twenty year old skin
skeleton your eyes have lost their warmth
look to your father for some support

hush hush hush
says your daddy's touch
sleep sleep sleep
says the hundredth sheep
peace peace peace
may you go in peace

cruel joke you waited so long to show
the one that you wanted wasn't a girl
all your life you kept it hidden inside
now when you step
you stumble
you die


oh maybe next time
in the end you will be henry the VIII
wake up tomorrow
alexander the great
open your eyes in a
new life again
oh maybe next time
you'll be given a chance

hush hush hush
hush hush hush
hush hush hush
hush hush hush
Valentine Through your words,
I have been effectively hushed.
Through your glances
I have been silenced.
The pills you feed me
Have glued my mouth shut.
Through your love
I am hushed.
splinken but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat. 030402
niska a shot of tequila will fix that, pal... 030402
what's it to you?
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