Bespeckled My blather days began in August 2001.

My name was pralines&cream, and I loved writing about sex. Not sexual intercourse, because I wasn't actually having it. I loved writing about lust, skin, and heavy petting. Sexuality took up 97% of my free thinking time. I was in my first relationship. I was in high school.

That was 3 years ago, and now I use a different name. Needless to say, I think about blather, and sex, a lot differently now.
mon uow i don't know really, it just did 050305
palm February last year. Since then I've gone through many names. Many boys. Many heart aches.

I'm still in love. And it sucks. I used to love blather. I used to love it so much I was addicted to it. But now I hate it. And I'm still addicted to it.

Can you guess my other names? Probably not.
JdAwG I can 050306
Ivory My first post here is dated as November 20, 2001. God, it seems like such a long time ago.

I'm not even sure if that was the first, but it is the oldest one that I can find anywhere. I've used so many names and emails that it is hard to trace them all down.


I still remember how I found this site. My best friend, Betsy, sent me the link via icq. Her words were something like, "Here. You never shut up. You might like this."

I remember I typed everything with dots. Hehe. aka:

...I am writing something...
...It is not important at all...
...So I put dots to look cool...
...Only I look retarded instead...

Hahaha. How funny.
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