jonh to keep writing for i do not know why i feel inclinded to try and spew out as much as i can in this moment. i often hold back and words and expression i lack but here the shit i will stack. 030122
please dont be selfish i wish you would hold back, for the rest of us 030122
IWishICouldGoWithDavid Please understand that this is more than necessary right now. And stop making threats. 030123
Piso Mojado talking tonight with matt: "i dont know how i feel about dating a girl who smokes. with erin, it was like i imagined, sleezy, lighting up and filling the room with smoke after we did anything sexual." 030223
kay-tie im hesitant to tell you whats really going though my head at this moment. i'll shrug it off and say im tired. i'll do anything to keep this from you.

"friends dont lie" - - im ashamed
im hesistant.
dont hold this against me. i love you
Sona I hold my breath.
I donít know if she notices.
Sheís fuzzy at the edges.
But so sharp up close to me.
I hesitate. Sheís hesitant.
Weíre both lost in the blur
The heady aura of the other
Where do I end?
Where do we begin?
I realize Iím that sweet moment
why we both give pause
Reluctant to be two
Returning to memories of one
Raina wish i were brave
wish i had a clue
wish i didn't already know
that none of this is mutual
i try to contain these thoughts
try to stay out of your way
i'll process this on my own

something telling me i don't need to tell you
daf even very private people need some space to get it out..examine it..reassess..

Sorry do0d. Berating you here is on my list of regrets.
what's it to you?
who go