andrew here we gooooo....!
Forever. for: ever. ever: never
logically following me?
forever: ends, never
fornever: ever ending? ends once and doesn't start. forever and ever again. fornever and never again. like that girl who wanted to get to know me better. got to know me. better.
fornever. makes me think: fornicate. forn.. forn ... forn. fornever. never again. fornography.
why did this word never exist? think about it. really: fornever. it makes too much sense. only by its inexistance does it define itself? no, that's just stupid. let's think here:. fornever. for|never.
for| ever.
theres something missing in forever, i think. that sense of... well. utopia is boring, right? dystopia is dysparate, but utopia sucks too, you know. fornever. lost to eternighty. like nikki hinton and her kidney disease. eternal goodnight moon for that sweet girl.
eat a snickers and become president.
fornever. fornever. fornever. i like the sound of it. it rolls off your lips, gives you that luscious feeling of biting your lip. you can say it fast, slow, stark, sexy, irate. say it in poetry, short stories. use it in essays, song lyrics. Say it to year parents, your behind the wheel teacher, your band director. use it in drama class. come on guys... fornever....
minnesota_chris that's because it sounds like "for never", two powerful words, under-used in these timid times. 040910
uow forevern
uow fnorever
neesh and a day 051122
Harlequin Sure, our decline starts out slow, but just you watch and it'll be out of control. Rolling and rampaging down la rue sans lumiere, spinning and fluxing and hating and lying. Telling tales of your life fornever ago, remembering memories that will fornever repeat, screwing you in a back alley way while you scream silent epithats at yourself.

'Cause you'll hate you fornever and ever and just because there's love doesn't mean you can stop.
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