dionysos I'm a fermata...

Hold me.
unhinged he held his hands in the air
shook them
it was my job to keep
the sound coming
she held her hands in the air
as she whispered in my ear
you smell so intoxicating
would you stay with me tonight
my heart suspended
in the bitter liquid
that fell from her hands
down my cheeks
i held my hands in the air
afraid of my nighttime squirming
pushing her off the bed
suspended in the air
i didn't sleep often
let alone with someone else
the rumblings of delusion
firmly placed in my inner ear
it was my job to keep
the sound coming
Mahayana ¿[ever seen cyclopes/cyclops ~*high*~ hanging upside down from a tree]?
:: youd understand ::
Mahayana musical sanctuaries

fer·ma·ta’s persistence
atmosphere pitch character sound tendency timbre quality tenor ambiance mood tone
harmony chord triad chord arpeggio chord musical tones chord synchronizations chord
relax rest breather rest time-out rest put your feet up rest respite rest rest rest rest rest

further than denoted epochal significance
cryptogram indicative of this prolongation

fermata be capable of audible range
musical sanctuaries :: I subsist surrounded by ::
fermata can you perceive sound

Italian stops feminine past participle
of fermare to bring to a standstill

musical sanctuaries

firm Latin firmre to make firm
from firmus to unyielding

fermata can you perceive heraldic signs
musical places of safety :: breathing inner recesses ::
fermata can you heed me

drawing back inside the regions of significance

melodious inadequacies are an undeviating consequence
of the restrictions of the audiences psyche

what you’re eavesdropping upon could journey minds
fracturing those not capable of circuitousness
in the all-encompassing inundation of imaginings
that may possibly be deposited transversely
to humankind and the worlds world

recoiling regions of resonance
encircling imposed sanctionsthat's damaged and ricocheting
unearthed high and dry a mound as the persecute
suppurates the moon ...

fer-'mä-t& fer-'mä-t&
literally stop
embrace unembroidered sojourns
commencing fermare to bring to an end
commencing firmare to compose uncompromising
unhinged i still surprise myself sometimes 120219
unhinged . 150609
what's it to you?
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