For sure! What I did when I pretending I knew German in Germany! 000712
right honestly, how often do you fake an orgasm? 050116
Bespeckled I've only faked it once.

It does more harm than good. Why not just work for a real one? Then you'll both end up satisfied, eventually.
globalfruitbat more often then I should...they just seem so determined, and then so hurt when you tell them that it ain't gonna happen. 050305
dandy redirect playfully and be frank, hey, we both want this. let's relax and not be so hell-bent. we're not in synch.

faking it til you make it doesn't work with sexual communication
andru235 there is only 'aking' in 'faking'

jlymry327 id have something to say about faking
i fake everything
seriously, not a single person in my life knows me
im fake but they dont know that
sometimes i wish they did
sometimes i wish someone would just call me out
youre fake theyd say
and id crumble
and id cry
and finally
finally id be real
Lemon_Soda Hrm.

I have a problem with premature orgasm. Sometimes i go till theres no tommorrow...sometimes, well... almost instantly.

My phallus remains hard, though, so I keep going until I'm sure they've had their fill and then I fake my own. Gotten pretty good at it. End with a couple of deeper, hard thrusts and then act like Im trying to crawl into them hip first for 3 to 5 seconds and pull out. Mustn't forget to scrunch up my face and breath hard.
Lemon_Soda And faking is better than not for me. I didn't fake with one girl and got my self esteem squashed like a bug with a guilt swatter for it. 050620
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