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emily the second he who cheats me once, shame on him
he who cheats me twice, shame on me
silentbob and who gets blamed when after you break up with him and he still comes to you for sex every now and again even though he's found a different girlfriend? 020421
jaded once a cheater always a cheater 030917
former cheater the best i can do is try 030917
Peprlexlypuzzled Faithful: To have faith? Never quite undershood how faith (Which I usually associate with religion) has much to do with a marriage or relationship. Because to have faith would be to believe in something.. so how, if I am unfaithful (Not believing in something) would that mean that I am cheating on someone? Eh.. its sooo confusing! Anyways, I just thought I would add that in. But I guess that if I can't believe my boyfriend or trust him to be em.. true to me, in a manner of speaking, that would be unfaithful? Ahhhh I'm lost. Anyways.. before my head goes spinning off into space..

My ex-boyfriend was a GREAT person. I mean.. I met him when he was a volunteer in the hospital and our first date was to the ice cream shop. Now isn't that just the sweetest??? Anyhoo.. it turned out that his FIANCE was in California. When she got back, he didn't tell me. He instead, simply ignored me. Eventually, without much difficutly, I found out and broke up with him. The thing is that I am very greatful to him and owe him a great deal. My new boyfriend, his best friend, does not cheat on me, does not ignore me, and loves me.. or so he says. :) The thing is, being faithful is great, but being unfaithful can have its pluses too. Can't imagine where I would be if I would have stayed with my cheater.

Perplexlypuzzled Uh.. that name was supposed to be Perplexlypuzzled... lap top keyboards are naughty. 031014
Nukemall fancy fate believer 031014
Perplexlypuzzled What a nice thought. :) 031014
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