Jade You know who I am
and could say my name out loud
yet I'm constantly standing
as the faceless person in the crowd

I was there for your moment of misery
my shoulder is here constantly
But where the hell is everbody
there never was a shoulder for me

I go out of my way and treat you
the way I wish people would treat me
I stand her motionless, faceless, unoticed
Now, I'm sitting here alone and you dont see

You brag of your happiness and expect me to understand
You come to me when you're down and need a hand
you know nothing about me and how I feel
you never stopped to ask why I help heal

Why can't you see my misery
Why does it always follow me around
Everything turns out the same in the end
I stand as the faceless person in a crowd
SuicidalAngel I'm faceless too. We should join forces. 011101
fairydust i was faceless in the places you put me

and the people i write of are faceless as well

and the feelings i feel have no description

and the places i go have no substance

and no one is special except for you and you are faceless together with me

and when we melt like the day does to night

nothing matters except what i feel then and there

and i know it's ok
corbin sans visage the most obvious of my myriad flaws

i just want to peel it away and be a blank and bloody canvas

it's okay

nobody's looking
falling_alone faceless, but nameless?
there's an anxiety bubbling up right now, as if by posting you know me.
i used to be so open about my feelings, but growing older, growing weary of the papertrail
i wonder
when will they connect these words back to me.
I used to wish someone would find me
so why the anxiety now...
what's it to you?
who go