the indulgent ascetic the sight of her back, bare, and turned toward him played havoc on his mind

he had seen more of her than this before, but every time he looked on her the sight was new to him

she fascinated him in a million unnameable ways

she grinned at him over her shoulder with a dreamy, half-lidded look as his hands began to work on her tired back

his heart raced and he began to pour sweat even though the room was barely warm.

she played her cards close to the vest but he was about to lay them on the table

his mind raced filled with a million things he wanted to say but was not certin she cared to hear from him
once again She stood before me in those tiny shorts and her white shirt unbuttoned just enough to be tempting. She had done it before, yet she looked so scared and innocent standing there barefoot in my basement. I unbuttoned her shorts and they fell to down around her ankles with a soft plop. She didn't step out of them, simply stood there her eyes on mine. I reached for the buttons on her shirt, but she intercepted me and began to undo them one at a time...those white lacy underwear were testing my sanity and her fingers moved so slow, dancing over the seam between flesh and fabric... my eyes ached and my heart pounded. She finished and parted her shirt. She was standing there in white... the lace underwear so sheer and the matching bra... I swear I could see her niples. The shirt hanging from her shoulders... I held her close... my angel exposed. 030810
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