the boy with the thorn in his side All of the things in my life that aren't poetry. Try to keep to a minimum. 010307
devalis an insult that your enemy doesn't understand. 020820
fall of a sparrow After the legendary masturbation euphemism discussion at Interlochen, my friends and I last year decided to expand on the list...
Rearrange your bag
Get sparky
Throttle the mastadon(sp?)
Whip out one's Celtic pride
There were more, and I'll add them as I remember them. Oh I'm going to be harassed for this...
oldephebe ha ha nice one devalis

harassed - now there's something i know a little about

oh god

I'm doing it again

being self-referential..i mean completely compulsively and inapropriately self-referential

it's like my soul keeps taking the same breath over and over

i feel like my bones are going to crumble, i feel like if i don't provoke or illicit some kind of empathic response, if i don't compell someone to share in my solipsism (and a little scotch neat...well no 'cause scotch and me....we don't go well and scotch are like me tryin' to do an inverted form of the hula hoop thing w/o the hoop and pretty much arythmic and probabably a little like the epileptic boogie...the abdomens undulations growing more and more improbable as a projection and resembling more and more a fractal logarithmic displacement of something..we're talking bone space fragments and yes even time where time is a function of D and the sim begins to approach this borgesian elegance...HUMMMMMM

Eric Idol: And now it's time for some clogging and cabbage w/ corn beef hash flinging amidst the strains of O Canada done in a waltz on jazz accordian...

Cut to guy who appears to be in his early thirties holding a glass of scotch timidly as if it were urine or an ipecac milk shake and his torse appears to be moving in this improbable arythmic is ODD i say.

so whatever happened to the riff on slipping into a self-referential fratctured moment of unapologetically indulgance...the desperate god please give me some empathic response...oh god 'cause if you don't i swaer i'll jump up and down on this frozen shadow, MY frosen shadow until it cracks and slowly shatters my soul into alas irretrievably broken bits and pieces of time....
I "pro-choice" 080627
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