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Fire&Roses You are lying in the grass next to me. We are talking, but neither of us is paying attention to the words. My arm is draped across your chest with the tips of my fingers slightly below the waistband of your jeans. I am slowly running them along your waistline. You roll onto your side dropping all pretense of conversation. You gaze at me with that unmistakable heat in your eyes just before your lips descend. Soon we are laying quietly again our breath coming in short excited gasps. We are both looking at the sky you on your back in the grass my head on your stomach. We are still for a few seconds, but soon your hands work their way down to my chest and begin to gently stroke the centers. I arch into your cupped hands and slide my body along yours rubbing my palms along your legs. You pull me up with your palms still cupped underneath my breasts I tilt my head back and our lips meet. My hands move from your legs to the back of your head and pull you tight to me. As your caresses grow stronger my kisses grow more desperate. I turn my body and wrap my legs around you pulling you close and grinding against your hips. Suddenly your hands move I feel them pressing between my legs. In shock I slam my hips hard against you and you fall back into the grass. We are moving madly on the grass kissing and holding each other tight each striving to be closer to the other. 011003
baby satan madonna made an album by this name! was it all about sex? beats the shit out of me. see, i didn't listen to the album; i used copies of the jewel case as coasters, and the cds as frisbees and other assorted spherical shit-things. i think i have a few tattered copies still lying around somewhere. 011004
distorted tendencies An undescribable feeling. When I am talking to you, and I suddenly stop in mid-sentence because I notice a certain look in your eyes. That unmistakeable look of want, lust, adoration, and love. A fiery need, if you would call it that. A need to touch me, kiss me, feel me from the inside out. That one look in your eyes tells me all I need to know, but I ignore it. I ignore it because I want you to grab me, digging your fingernails into my skin and pull me to you.
*sighs, shivering*
All I want is the sound of your hot breath being treated harshly by your overworked, glistening body.
To feel your hips while they move.
To stare into your glazed-over eyes.
And I want you to sit, so I can look you over, my personal famous nude.
You'll be beautiful on the canvas.
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