In_Bloom It's a new arena to banter around in
How to define walls or corners where there is nothingness?
In not belonging, there's so little to ask for, begrudge and no one looks to acknowledge what is not supposed to exist
This has condensed time to only the sweetest moments
I never would have guessed
unhinged you are not your goddamn house, car, clothes. money does not make you a good person. your child does not deserve any more than any of my other students (especially when they don't practice and have a bad attitude).


money does NOT make you better than me, does not give you the right to treat others like shit. i have a feeling when you look in the mirror you are not happy. i do not owe you my life because you pay me $66/mo. fuck you. i hope your retirement was wiped out when the market crashed you fucking asshole.
dingwall "I am entitled to my entitlements" 090619
daf I caught myself the other day, living delusionally, snatching entitlement from thin air. I found myself being hostile in the name of upholding what is right and true and fair.

But there is nothing right or fair about my hostile words or actions toward others, regardless of what I think of their behavior. Come to think of it, there is nothing true about it either. They are what they are, and I am NOT what they are. I can neither truly agree nor truly disagree with what another does, because I do not live in their head or their heart.

I cannot know any but my own experiences and my own moments. And so what entitles me to judge their actions or their opinions or their feelings? Nothing. Nothing but my own inability to accept what is..as it is, when it is, while it is.

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