psyki for a minute i wondered
if anything could be real
or if it's all just imagined
i don't think i'll ever know
if i wasted that minute
Uqbar to discover is to remember 000504
j what if i don't remember what i have discovered yesterday? 030420
jacqueline the paint, stroke by stroke
covers the outlines of the picture.
what you discover becomes hidden
as you recover the dreams you lost.
Strideo discover magazine.

what are you reading?

Vapid Quail new spaces.
in your own backyard.
pansy i want to discover you piece by piece, delicately and subtly with love and not desire, i want to fire love in you, pure love that never ends, so that i could feel that my body lives, so that i could breathe you and drown in you 040214
nib oh to discover and see and meet the world...
is there any greater thing?
Fierce Discover me and I might discover myself. 040921
story of eau nothing and everything. like in a dream, that dream-- the one with supernatural clarity. or this dream. what is it? i'm awake. mars came in this summer recklessly, as i knew he would. woke me as only mars can. with a smite, a slight concussion. just enough to confuse me. neptune joined in with overly expensive illusionary expansive vodka, lack of self control and suffocating sensuality. karmic debt paid and accrued. and here i am now, waiting for autumn. for the fish to swim away. or disappear below the surface. for the birds to fly somewhere far from here. i'm ready to return to subterranean movement. to work this silver thread back into the depths where it emerges only in paint and through fingertips and shines through an open heart, immaculate. wheel of fortune turns again. nevermind the dragons. no, remember the dragons and step lightly in another direction. 060725
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