dragon reallyitis.



camille I have seen myself dance in the rain in my minds eye, yet have never done it.

I have ridden my bicycle in a down pour which was the ultimate, a warm spring down pour...

with rainbow to follow
evnarcadia cold, wet
shirt sticking to my back
mud, warm
between my toes
mouth open, catching drops
you watch from the porch
nothing i do ever gets you wet
pipedream come dance with me, just til' the magic of crystal drops lasts...
come squish in the mud, before it dries into dirt again...
come jump in puddles and glory in the freedom, just til' they let us be...
come on, come dance with me..
Doar my lady.....would you care to tango? 031101
pipedream why not, dear sir?

*gets a rose for the ol' teeth*
celestias shadow whirling in circles
like some sort of dervish
on Valium
I stretch my arms out as far as they will go
I'm trying to reach all the way around the world and back again
To a place where it is sunny and warm
I would take that warmth into myself
and tuck it away for another rainy day
but for now I am happy
just dancing in the rain
pipedream *applause*

here's a thought: if one tucked away lots of bits of warmth into you, would you ignite one day? maybe being a little cold is better after all..
nomatter and he broke my heart so you tried to make it all go away. pulled me out of the car kissed my forehead and pulled me into the puddles. 031111
Death of a Rose watch for thorns pipers.

anyone else up for some naughty latin dancing .....(although the police have obtained a restraining order against me doing any of the nastier latin dances)
Piso Mojado many years ago-
saratoga, ca
winter time
me and my best friend
singing mr jones
sharing a moment
pipedream doo doo doo doo doo CHA!

*cha-chas around with doar*
what's it to you?
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