moonshine Is it possible to eat too much Gouda? 000529
yolanda no way, moonray. 000529
amorfus have a gouda day... 000531
WingedSerpent I was at the grocery store the other day and as i looked at the sandwich slices, i noticed for the first time (maybe 'cause i just hadn't paid attention all these years) that the words on the package described the slices as "cheese food"

I couldn't help but wonder:
If this is "cheese food," then
is this the stuff that they feed to actual cheese?

damn, that's creepy.
amorfus You are what you eat? 000531
emily ...whenever i go over to my parent's house, i always find myself eating cheese....i just keep slicing it and eating it....wierd 000531
kronoman fojjy. fojjy. fojjy. fojjy. foojy. fuji. squikky. squeaky hammer. squeaky hamner. old, stinky cow-bomb. rotten banana. banunu. banunu. banini. banene. banono. banyny. banukenuke. fnord. fjord. narf. poit. zort. troz. fran. egad, brain... nach. hark. bark. barf. frab. fartle. phroggle. fart. meef. meowth. purrsian. pokemon sucks. pikaspew. dragons. demons. deevils, even. dead rockets. shiny robots. scorpion robots. clockwork orange. viddi well, brother... real khorosho...

fnord again. vampire. werewolf. vampire hunter D. magnus lee. dracula. dragula. Rob Zombie. The Matrix. Neo. Morpheus. Weird experiences. ow. The illuminati again. fnord. owwww. damn lizard. newspaper bat. lucy in the sky with diamonds. foo. bar. baz. quux.
singing in the rain.
Kaoru Nagisa
Shinji Ikari
Ayanami Rei...
Ritsuko Akagi
Aoi Tamashii
Kensuke Aida
Asuka Sohryu Langley
The dark tower
Third impact
deep impact
armageddon was better
but that nuke-riding guy pissed me off
i have to fart.
i make no sense, i'm rather dense, and the last time i checked my name was lenny... lenny the mouse. froppple.

star squikky. pinhead. I'm mad. birdmad. guy who resembles a crow. not a raven. ravenloft. lich. evil. Buggy Oblivion. foo. bar. baz. quux. safety. grab the fart extinguisher. must eat a bug.... choke. choke. choke. smoke. puke.
j_blue good 001222
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