Brad This is weird, and i am very very frightened. Mommy make it stop! 000720
Brad I still wonder who made this and why.... and am still disturbed that i share the same first name as the main character. 000720
typhoid "That fool," you think to yourself. "Nobody's been kicked in the crotch so many times as I, Bradford Powell, Jr. Surely I will outlast him with ease." 000720
typhoid You kick back and relax, just stayin' chill in the cool of the basement.

About half an hour goes by.

Then your ass starts ringing.

Oh, wait. That's not your ass.

It's the your cell-phone.
jeffrey which you can't answer because that is against the rules
and right when you think brad is down for the count he kicks again
and this time connects as you fall to the ground you realize you had not gone to the bathroom in atleast eight hours
and there is a weird taste in your mouth and when you open your lips apart to scream in aginy you choke on your piss
you heard that the piss could be kicked out of you
and the phone is still ringing . . .finally the machine in you crotch picks up, but the sound of the voice at the other end is distorted because the machine is now touching your small intestine from where brad kicked you
you make out the words humpty
and had
and fall
then you smile because the piss finally gives you the euphoric feeling
even out of your mouth you think it still feels good to piss when you haven't gone in so long
but the smell is getting intolrable
reminds you of an asparagus episode in an Tom Robbins novel
or a sloppy episode from Burroughs naked lunch with the poet of the book by the same name minus the naked
and your not even homosexual
are you
silentbob this is scary and i like it!!! 000722
Brad I won regular mode and made it to hard mode! I vanquished uncle bob! But hard mode is too hard! I think it's impossible to get past two screens. :( 000722
klarchen nnyeah! 000722
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