josie Dear Blather_God,

Is it not apparent to you, that in the freedom in which you have granted us, this blather world is turning from shades of blue to grey? Wallowing in our own blue-dom, we've attracted comeliness and deformity, however the seemingly heated blemishes of blather seem to be more dominant to the listening eye. Or is it just the filter across my eye that tarnishes it so?
Perhaps this forged prose should be directed at red? or is red a so called refuge from blue?
for_god or maybe instead of complaining you should just improve your own blathes 020828
god the ancients spoke of bitchslaw, coal_slaw, and the sacred slaw of the temple of usfl football. the ancients were quite young then. 020829
josie improve? what to? heh, the quality of your own? I do belive everyone's blathes here are open to interpretation. Whatever you may feel intimidates you about my blathes or what anyone else thinks really doesn't matter to me. I dont change for anyone. I'm having my words posted on a random site that mean more to me than anyone else, God. Perhaps I shouldn't be so concerned about the state of blather then... and perhaps you shouldn't be so concerned about me :) 020917
not god you can't change the actions of others but you can change your own
that's all I was saying`
god when josie comes home, so bad
she's the best that we ever had
god she's the raw flame
the live wire...
phil I was wondering if there could be a user-friendly adjustment to the way the 'who' 'blathes' page works

d a t e w h o b l a t h e s
. . . . phil .remains

040612 . . . .heidi
040612 . . . .samurai
040612 . . . .i_have_forgiven_jesus
040612 . . . .in_search_of_kx21_must_die_coalition
040612 . . . .shut_up_and_stop_it
u24 that'd be nice.
what if you've blathed to a page twice?

two listings, most recent date, or first date?
god she prays like a roman with her eyes on fire... 040715
see also: blather_gods
meta meta 110915
C sage_and_dallas 110916
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