Tank my mum makes the best blackberry and apple pie ever. i wish she could post it to me but i guess 3,500 miles is a little too far for perishables... 000804
Midori I am sure Klarchen knows where you can get some black berry lip gloss 000804
karkaskaminski yes, Klarchen is certainly very baccated 000804
sweetheart of the song tra bong The best thing in the world, to break one in your mouth.

While my mother was pregnant with me all she did was eat blackberries off the bushes in our backyard.

This girl, in love with me somehow, searched all over to find me blackberries last fall. Thinking it would win me over.

Probably would have, if she'd found them.
Ariadani aquarius_____blackberry 020618
ShilohLives I've never had a blackberry. What am I missing? 030608
Flowers from Safeway The blackberry (or marionberry) is an experience rather than a food. When passing by a lush patch of marionberry bushes full of large ripe berries, one who has experienced them before is utterly compelled to pick as many as possible, ceasing all other activity. Some people buy them in a store, but I really don't see the point. They are never ripe, and the experience of picking is lost.
Feeling the berries come loose in your hand is somehow as satisfying as the bittersweet juice filling your mouth. Your fingers are stained dark purple, but it is well worth it.
If you try them, make sure they are black in color, not dark red. Salmonberries are often mistaken for blackberries and aren't half as good. This guideline will also keep you from eating unripe ones.
Happy picking!
ShilohLives Thanks!! I think there might be some of those bushes by my house come to think of it!! Lol !! I'll keep youre tips in mind when I go to look for them. :) 030610
makeda i concur. blackberries are one of the most wonderful tasting, delectible, delightful pleasures found on this planet today. they melt in your mouth. 030610
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