camille 011108
may I live like you best song in the world.
revitalizes me.
keeps me going.
My favorite word.
never leave?
miers love 030921
grindmath bittersweet is my favorite word 031114
puredream love. 040625
Dr Kensington It's that taste in your mouth when you've thrown up on candy.

It's that ache in your guts when you know it's the right ring but the wrong guy.

It's the dichotomy of life.
sab bittersweet baldersnatch
old old skin

drying eye
and dusty rooms
laurah goodbye

to that band teacher with the neon orange hair
who you hate

and goodbye

to the things you did during her class.

you'll probably never see her or those cinderblock walls again

when it was finally over, it was too soon
tombe_seul add sugar to the poison
and drink it all down
x twisted x colorguard at JMU ends in 4 days. its going to be my last performance. not just of the season but my last performance for life. its hard to believe that my guard career could really be over forever. maybe they are all right, if i cant be happy here, then i have to find some place where i can be happy spinning. 051115
IGG bittersweet_irony
thankfully is not rampant in my life any more (watch me jinx it.)

you were fun to write about, i enjoyed it.
in a masochistic, ironic kind of way.
In_Bloom Which tugs at the guts more
Longtime friends you love and grow old with or new friends you don't let as close so you never have to grow old with them?
Something is broken
unhinged it wasn't long enough, summer
winter can't be here already
unhinged im lonely as fuck right now but i can't help but smile today

what's it to you?
who go