dries&hardens is too big a word
for someone whose achievements are in the single digits

one in the conventional sense would be an impossible feat for someone who disregards the typical milestones and experiences no hardship aside from the emotional complications all people seem to create for themselves. any autobiography of mine would lack the "normal" componenets of an autobiography because i couldn't come up with a laundry list of events and accolades or a sappy, gripping life story and i likely never will.

someone who doesn't lead a definitive life must have some way of defining themselves. at least, this person without a definitive life does. i like a decent bit of validation.

i am intimate with a token few. i don't believe in wearing all your hats at once. i'd rather do one thing right than everything lackluster. i like to think i have simple dreams-- maybe that makes me believe they're more realistic. i have begged for reciprocation. now i'm often begging to feel indifference. i've been in the same turbulent relationship for as long as i have had a relationship to speak of. i like to know where i stand though i'm usually sitting down. it's not that i don't have balls, it's that i don't use them to think. i think too much about things i should know.
if this were any longer i'd also be egotistical.
Cleopatra i only read one in my life and i think i remember writting all over it. i wonder what my mumma did with it, we did clear out an awful lot of books one time, i want it back, where is it ?

i remember i took it to egypt with me, hee hee, hoo hoo, harr harr.
el santo poeta de todos tus muertos he was born one day when the lights went out.
his childhood was clumsy,
his teenage years awkward.
his adulthood
he is not dead yet and he loves cookies.
what's it to you?
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